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I Love Saving Money Postcard

Law of Attraction

Saving takes time and patience. Growing a nest egg is all about patience and knowing that you’re in harmony with the universe and its life producing force. It’s about knowing you are where you’re supposed to be. It’s also about having faith that what should happen will happen when and where it’s meant to.

If you’ve been visualizing riches and things still aren’t happening, be patient. There’s a divine order out there working to bring you all that you want.

Understand that although there’s overnight delivery in the mail business, one that comes with a hefty shipping cost, overnight successes are rare. The business of manifesting can take a little time. The stars are aligning and the Universe is working.

Keep the faith and know you’re working in harmony with the forces working for you. Consistently save a percentage of your income and over time your wealth will come.

It’s not about how much you MAKE, it’s about how much you SAVE.

It’s time to partner up with the Law of Attraction. It’s time to put yourself out there and take a risk to get what you want.

A lot of people forget to step up to bat. They get stuck in the proverbial dug out. They don’t realize they need to combine putting their desires out into the universe via positive energy and taking action.

Here’s how it works: You want what you want and the Universe is waiting to hear exactly what that is. It also wants you to do your part.

Partnering up means you need to act. You need to put yourself out there. If you send out your success vibrations and then step up to see the opportunities the universe provides, you’ll hit a home run every time.

Find a way to cultivate the right type of mindset that will make you successful at manifesting abundance by learning to ask yourself the right questions.

By focusing on your gratitude, you’ll open your parachute to receiving. It might be an idea. It might be a person. It might be a vision. All leading to your big dream, or the formation of a big dream if you have none now. WHO Knows WHAT Talents YOU Might HAVE HIDDEN Inside OF YOU? Isn’t it worth discovering? Of course it is!


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Have a blessed day!!!

Being in Control of your Finances is a GREAT Stress Reliever

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