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The Lord is the Strength of my Life

Law of Attraction

It’s time to take a step of faith. It’s time to simply believe.

If you think about your dreams as something you wish you could do, you may never realize them. You need to know they can be true. If you’re going to manifest a new reality, you have to grab a hold of an unshakable confidence that it will happen.

Work on blocking the negative vibrations that try to creep in when you think about your goals. When you let doubt or uncertainty creep in, you’re telling the Universe that you’re not really sure. So shake off those fears.  Motivate the atmosphere in your work area by putting some fun music on your stereo. Get some pictures of your family, friends, and pets and put them on your desk where they are easy to see.  Expect outstanding results.  You are sure. You will achieve your goals. You believe in yourself, in the Universe and in the Law of Attraction that will fulfill your dreams.

Believing is Achieving

You can use a powerful force to work wonders in your life. It’s something called Lucid Dreaming. We all dream, but sometimes while you are dreaming you are aware that you are in a dream. This is an opportunity to take charge and control the outcome.

There is another method that you can use to shape your dreams at night. Just before you go to sleep, you can very clearly articulate in your mind what it is you want. These dreams work similar to the subliminal messages that advertisers use. Articulating your desires right before you go to bed sends a message to your brain that lies below the surface of your consciousness.

And the best part of the story is that you know that you have reprogrammed your mind and therefore you are reshaping your future. Each night you see what you want in your life and each day you manifest it into reality. Dreams are a force that changes your life. Take the lead because your dreams do come true.

The very truth is that there is more than enough for everyone at all times. For an example-before electricity was discovered (it’s always been here) there has always been enough. Now that we use it there is still enough. The amount there is has never changed.

“That which I feared most has come upon me,” Job in the Old Testament told his friends. Job blamed himself and his fears for his troubles. Doesn’t Job’s plight sound like the gravitation force of his fears, the “law of attraction” at work, making his worries visible? It would seem so, doesn’t it?

Believe – If it is a true desire then trust that the universe will bring it to you. It will not just turn up on your doorstep but the universe will open up doors and change circumstances to allow it into your life. Look for the opportunities and the signs and grab them when they present themselves to you.


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Have a blessed day!!!

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It

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