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First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Photo Ornament

First Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. Photo Ornament

Law of Attraction

Everyday there are challenges in your relationship. Everyday there is an opportunity to grow in love. Spirituality is not a separate thing from your relationship, nor is it about materializing and manifesting, that is religion. No, spirituality is the process of growth, of using challenge to come back to truth. Bigger houses are not truth, more money is not truth. Love is truth in relationship. Profit is truth in business. Spirituality brings you back to this in both. Love is the process of relationship. Relationship can manifest all it wants without any compromise, as long as issues are addressed at the cause level – not solved at the effect level.

You must give all of your focus to one desire at a time. Thinking of too many at a time will not give you great results. How you feel when you think of your desires and the duration or how long you think of them will define if you are going to get your desire or not.

Most of us, whether we admit it or not, would like to have a healthier bank account. There are things we want to buy. Things we want to do without worrying about how much money it’s going to cost. But here’s the deal. You don’t have to have a big, fat bank account to enjoy your life. Of course you need enough money for basic necessities. But beyond that, you only need enough. And the truth is, once you stop focusing on NOT having enough, you’ll start to have more. That’s how the Law of Attraction works, even for your bank account. Focusing on your wealth, whatever that is, rather than on your lack, will tell the Universe you’re not afraid. And when you stop being afraid, the Universe rewards you with more of whatever it is you want.

Enjoy Yourself

Remember your birthdays of old? The excitement of what present you might receive? Birthdays were days of treats, of celebrating just you. So throw yourself a birthday party, even if you’re the only guest. Treat yourself to a gift. It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. Buy yourself something fun- a jar of your favorite gourmet jam, a package of your favorite candy, a new scarf or tie.

Do something for yourself that acknowledges you’re special. It will make you feel special. It will make you happy. And it will reinforce to the world that you are worthy, a reinforcement needed to draw forth all a special person like you desires and deserves.

So, “Don’t be an extra in your own movie!”



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Have a blessed day!!!

The Endless Source of the Universe is Abundant

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