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Custom Photo Guitar Pick

Custom Photo Guitar Pick

Law of Attraction

Exercise and eat right to stay healthy and happy. Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. When you look at your life as a glass half full, you send out positive vibrations. The Universe recognizes that you feel good, and feeling good gives you power.

If you can start each day with the intent to feel good, to be positive and energetic and enthusiastic, the Law of Attraction will respond by filling your glass even more. The Universe will pick up on your inspiration and reward it in kind.

So stop seeing that glass as half empty. Consider all that is good in your life. Focus on the fact that seeing is believing and see the fullness of your life.

Want To Be Healthy

Whatever you’re trying to manifest into your life you need to yearn for it. Down to your deepest, most inner basic core, you need to want it. The more you want it, the stronger the energy of your desire will be.

And the stronger that energy is, the stronger the vibrations you’re sending into the world.

When you really, and I mean really, want something, you become motivated. It is the energy of vibrations of this motivation that will bring forth this thing you truly want.

So go ahead and yearn. Think about it. Talk about it. Focus on it. And soon it can be yours.


As we spend time with our friends and family this season, the energy heightens and we are all affected. This is noticed and expressed through laughter, a sense of joy, and a full expression of genuine love. Hearts open and receive. Spirits rise. Collectively we experience this movement of energy. Healing is being actualized. This is shamanic in that there is intention to move energy to promote good will and well-being. You can change energy and change your health by these expressions, both for those receiving and for those giving.

Every tree started out as a small seed, as something you could literally hold in your hand. Yet in that small seed was the entire blueprint for the manifestation and full-self-expression of these amazing living organisms. Just like these trees, you have your unique blueprint inside you too!

Through meditation align your body and mind as one to expect the best. Throughout the course of your day, take a few moments to pause and expect something wonderful. Say to yourself, “Today is going to be a great day!” Try to find the positive expectation in every experience. If your boss asks to speak with you privately, rather than expecting him to reprimand or fire you, expect him to praise you and give you a pay raise! Rather than expecting to see bills in your mailbox when you get home, expect to see a check. ¬†Exercise and expect good health.

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Have a blessed day!!!

Sweat is Fat Crying

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