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Vision board

Custom Photo Double-Sided Keychain

Law of Attraction

I’ve always wanted to see Hawaii, so that’s exactly what I did. I planned, saved, researched and made a vision board. I bought new clothes and learned about traditional customs and foods of the islands.

And let me tell you, the islands did not disappoint. I traveled to Oahu where I relaxed on the beach of Waikiki, climbed to the top of Diamond Head, toured a pineapple plantation and attended a traditional luau. I tasted poi, poke and Kahlua pig. I had the time of my life.

And here’s the point. The entire time I was planning my trip, I was excited! I was filled with anticipation, which made me happy. I’m convinced that the joy I felt during all my planning seeped into other areas of my life. Suddenly I found myself noticing all the good in my life.

That’s what happens with the Law of Attraction. You look forward to each day, and each day responds by bringing you joy.

So make a plan. Even if it’s trying a new eatery down the street. Visualizing with a vision board breeds excitement. And excitement breeds happiness.



A divine sighted person can see and understand various incidents taking place today in various parts of the world. They can hold dialogues and communicate various messages too. Not only this if such a person has some inspirational and useful potential he/she can help benefit others by inspiring them. But for this, what is most required is that a person must undergo intense spiritual practice and austerities so as to amass terrific soul force and energy. If we so desire like the wealth pertaining to the body, mind etc we can manifest glories pertaining to soul power too and on its basis we can render our human magnetic pull and divine aura so potent that in desired measure we can influence other people and objects and that we can thus succeed in every field of life.

The world is changing very quickly. We as the humans of earth right now are ascending with Mother Earth herself. Things cannot go on the way they always have. Light workers and scientists alike have now realized that we are the Creators of our own reality. There is the “law of attraction”, and we can and do create whatever we want. What we focus on expands. We need to get our focus away from the old words of “you must sacrifice and work hard to survive”.


Fear is any perceived threat. This threat can be real or imagined but in the mind of the individual, it is very real. Most people can see how fear can limit our daily lives by the byproducts of the fear itself. An example would be someone has severe anxiety (fear) when conversing with people. The mental and psychological effects of this can and have been directly observed as well as heavily studied. However, we tend to disregard the negative effects this causes on our spiritual and manifesting abilities.

The first thing that you will have to do is to know what your objective is. Whether you want to accomplish this objective next month or by next year? You will have to create a clear movie or a scene in your mind with specific objectives. Try to make the visualization real and clear. If you are not yet sure what kind of business you want to start then you can try visualizing starting new businesses. Visualize you running different businesses and make it real.

At times we are at a loss and just not tuned in to that zone of creativity, we just can’t find those words that we need for our writing. To tap into that flow we need to understand what drives us, how to find that state of vibration that attracts what we want.

Get It Done!  When you do what needs to be done every day in every way, you are being productive. And being productive is key to finding happiness, contentment and peace. Doing the best you can do each and every day is how you tell the Universe that you are engaged in your life.

It’s when you are engaged in your life that the Law of Attraction kicks in. Your productivity creates an energy that is sent out into the world and then reflected back to you. It’s this type of energy that begins to manifest your desires as reality.

So get out there and take care of business every day in every way.

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Have a blessed day!!!

Be Grateful and Anticipate Happiness

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