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Merry Christmas Photo Card


Merry Christmas Photo Card

Law of Attraction

Whatever excites you most in your life naturally carries with it all you need to establish that thing in your life. It’s the Universe’s way of working automatically.

Simply acting on your excitement starts to create opportunities. Being excited about things helps the Universe understand what it is that you desire and then manifest those desires for you.

So focus on the joy you feel when you think about what it is that excites you.

Be intentional and take actions toward whatever it is.

The Universe will pick up on the joy you feel and begin to bring more of it into your life.

Find Your Gentle Voice

Try this. Focus on a goal you’ve put off. Find a place to sit in silence and listen to your soul quietly whisper this desire.

Now focus on the essence of this goal.

If you want a new job, maybe the core of your goal is a new challenge. If you want a relationship, maybe at the core you are looking for love.

As you sit in silence, feel the essence of your desire. Feel the reality of that desire emanating from the Spirit that resides within you. Feel the power within you that is connected to the Universe.

You will find a new calm and a new power. You will feel a new clarity as you become your goal, and your experiences will start to reflect this calm, clear power.

Practice using this gentle voice to create your new reality.

Feel Your Feelings. Research shows that stifling your emotions or expressing them excessively is equally damaging to your capacity to experience love. Luckily, there’s a third option: feeling your feelings. Practice experiencing your feelings directly and completely by observing them as they move through your mind and body-and then letting them go.

Plug in to a Larger Heart. Love thrives when we feel at peace inside. Recharge your spiritual batteries through silence, meditation, or prayer. Tapping into this inner wellspring of spirit will boost your capacity to experience Love for No Reason by a factor of infinity.

Give out personal notes. After a successful sale, don’t forget to send out personal thank you notes. Even if a customer only made an inquiry, sending a note of gratitude is still in order. Make sure the note is personal. Instead of using preformatted cards or notes, it’s best if you design and write it yourself. Although an email is much quicker to send, it’s still best to send a personal thank you. This will surely add to the value and power of your gratitude.

So how then, do we utilize the principle of cause and effect to create the “Butterfly Effect” we desire? If you remember back to the “law of attraction” you already know that whatever we focus our thoughts on begins to expand. Logically then we want to focus on those thoughts that will ultimately lead to giving us the greatest results as they manifest themselves into reality. If we entertain negative thoughts or those thoughts that don’t empower us then we actually end up working against ourselves.


You might be intent on living my life based on your circumstances and accepting things as they come, or you can use  ‘the Law of Attraction” to create the life you want by manifesting your true desires and wants. The most successful people in our world have used this long held belief to achieve greatness in their lives and provide abundance for others. Simply put, your thoughts create your reality. If you constantly think negatively, you will bring negative experiences into your life. By thinking positively, the energy you emit to the universe will be returned in the form of positive experiences and abundance. This is science folks. It took me a while to understand this until I began experiencing the positive results after changing my thought processes.

All of love must be balanced, and evenly distributed within you to avoid the overbalancing any particular body or other parts of you. When all is perfectly balanced, all can work together more efficiently. This ensures that love is served by these bodies, and this allows love to teach them. Each individual body within you then learns from love in its own way, and so then it passes its learning via ego back again to your soul.

If you’re reading this on a computer screen, the computer, it’s screen and the internet connection that led you to this article were all originally thoughts. So was the building you’re probably sitting in. The road outside, the cars on it, the electricity powering your computer and everything surrounding you.

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Have a blessed day!!!

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