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Always Believe Holiday Photo Card

Always Believe Holiday Photo Card

Law of Attraction

I got a call from an old friend today who said her life is changing. And all she’s done, according to what she told me, is to begin articulating her desires.

Every morning when she gets up, she takes a minute to visualize her desires.

For years, my friend has struggled with her weight. She’s tried diet after diet and has never been successful. At least not with any permanence.

But here’s her new story. Rather than feeling hopeless and defeated, she’s started to say to herself, I am in the process of becoming thin. That’s it.

Somehow, she says, that reinforcing the fact that she is in the process of becoming thin has made it so.

By articulating that she is in the process of being thin, the Universe has noticed her desire. The Universe is working to make her desire, the reality of being thin, a reality for her.

Miracles do happen! We only have to want them to.


Some people spend their entire lives looking at others and estimating their own happiness as somehow less. And there’s the trouble.  When you think you aren’t happy, you do not think like a happy person. Your brain gets trapped in a perpetuating state of unhappiness.

I’m supposed to think like a happy person when I’m not happy? you ask? Yes!

Developing a happy mindset has to do with gratitude. Focus on the things in your life that bring you happiness. Even if you have to start with the simple fact that you have clothes to wear and food to eat. Be grateful.

When you are grateful for the little things, the Universe notices. The Law of Attraction will feel the power of that gratitude and begin to respond by giving you more.

Faith is a substance. A substance is defined as: the actual matter of a thing as opposed to the appearance or shadow reality. Therefore when we are hoping for breakthrough in manifesting our dreams, our faith will be the actual matter of a thing instead of the shadowed reality of circumstance.

The less passionate you are about your desire, the less certain your manifestation is likely to be and the more likely you are to just wander off track. Conversely, the greater your passion, the more positive energy you’re putting in, the more you’re raising your vibration, and the more quickly and easily it will manifest.

One technique is to use the reward and punish system to help you shortcut your way to achieve your Goals. Reward yourself whenever you have achieved your goals and punish yourself whenever you try to put away your tasks. For example, you can punish yourself to stay up late to get your task done before you sleep and you can reward yourself with a movie or a meal right after you take the necessary action.

People are generally impatient; they want all their meditative work to be complete in one session of meditation. It does not work that way. You can gain peace, a beginning at understanding the meaning of your “law of attraction” life, and a commencement of happiness in the very first session. Your life can change to the positive beginning in that first time. But life is much more complicated than anyone, I repeat, anyone can tackle in one session.

If you desire more romance in your life, start by thinking about the romance you want. Take time each day to envision your life with more romance in it. Try to visualize clearly what your life would be like, and how your conditions would change. Imagine yourself being romantic in vivid detail. Write down on paper your vision and read it daily. Post it somewhere where you can see it often.


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Have a blessed day!!!

Attract Miracles to Reach Your Happiness Goals

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